I cannot say enough about Holly, both as an evaluator and a teammate. I was introduced to Holly when our program was barely more than an idea. With her support, we clarified our goals, improved our program materials, tracked our impact, and adjusted our instructional design–sometimes in real time–to achieve the best possible results for our students. Holly’s reporting and analysis is sophisticated yet manageable, targeted to the mission and vision of the organization. In addition to her stellar credentials and work product, Holly is also a pleasure to work with. She communicates with directness, care, and integrity. If you’re looking to improve your program, track impact, and report your good work to stakeholders and donors, there is no better partner than Evaluation For Change.

Lauren Schrero Levy
Co-founder & Executive Director
The Nora Project

Holly is not only an experienced evaluation professional, but she is also an excellent instructor. I have had the opportunity to work with Holly on several program evaluations and she has provided guest lectures on program evaluation to my graduate students. She is able to design evaluation methodologies that take into consideration both the assets and the limitations of the nonprofit, and translate information gathered into language and concepts that on-the-ground staff view as relevant to their day-to-day program delivery. Holly’s expertise can be scaled up or tailored to small programs depending on the needs of the organization.

Noah Temaner Jenkins
Principal Consultant
Temaner + Associates

Holly is a highly experienced and professional evaluator.  Her work has proven invaluable to our organization.  She has helped us become a more data driven organization which has led to much growth and success.   Some examples of her contributions to our organization include:

  • Developing a Theory of Change
  • Designing assessments and surveys that align with our program goals and objectives
  • Conducting interviews and focus groups and providing synthesized reports
  • Designing formal evaluation processes and timelines for organizational programs and initiatives

Holly can be counted to provide insightful, reflective and understandable reports that can then be translated into actionable goals.  Holly is an asset to any nonprofit.

Katie Gallagher
Director of Education
Candor Health Education (Formerly Robert Crown Health Education)

Holly Lewandowski is a natural born evaluator, one who is competent and comfortable with both positivistic and qualitative methodologies. Being as visionary as she is detail oriented, she is comfortable with the entire evaluation cycle including; conceptualization of utilization-focused questions through data collection, entry, cleaning, analysis and reporting. Holly enjoys being in the data and has exceptional instincts important to the analyses of qualitative data and to linking those analyses to the larger literature bases of education and psychology. I have found Holly to be a highly intelligent, energetic, personable, self-motivated individual who strives to produce work and reports of quality that are relevant and consistently exceed stated expectations. In addition, she is a highly reflective and analytical professional who is as comfortable in project management roles as she is in a collaborative, team situation. Indeed, Holly’s interpersonal and communication skills are an area of exceptional strength, with her cultural sensitivity and respect unparalleled.

Debra M. Pacchiano, Ph.D.
Vice President, Translational Research
Start Early (Formerly The Ounce of Prevention Fund)